Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mosquitoes and the Lion

Mosquitoes fly only where there is a lion, said: "I am not afraid of you, and you do not than I have. You just how powerful? Is clawed, or with the teeth? Only this recipe, when a woman fighting with men will use. But I was far more capable than you. if you wish, we may come to a contest. "mosquito blowing horns, dash forward to, specially around the nose and do not bite the lion hair place. Angry lion claws scratched his own face, and finally requested a truce. Mosquitoes defeated the Lions, blowing horns, singing the song of victory, flying in the air, but, by the spider web stuck. When mosquitoes are eaten, laments: "I have defeated the most powerful animals, but was destroyed by this little spider."
The story is that, pride is no good end, although some people beat the powerful people than he will be beat by someone weaker than themselves. ZC0119denise

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