Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Once upon a time, the ants could have been, they have land under cultivation, have to be available for. But they are not satisfied with their labor income, do not want hard work, very envious of other people's things, often steal the fruits of a neighbor. Zeus was angry about their greed, put them into what is now called ant small animals. Although their appearance has changed, but still like the old nature, until now, they are still walking around someone else's field, picking up wheat and barley, stored in their own nest.
This story illustrates the nature of poor people, even under the most severe punishment, bad habits will not change. ZC0126denise

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fowler and the Cobra

Fowler took the pole sticking out the birds catch birds gum and sticky. He saw a bird perched on a tree, and wanted to go to catch it. So, he took a long stick pole, looked up intently staring at the bird in the sky. As he so attentively, and without noticing stepping on a cobra lying on his feet. Now back to the snake, bit him hard. He won the venom, before dying, said to himself: "I am bad luck, the light trying to catch someone, only to their own Fanzao its damage, lost their lives."
The story is that, those who want to plot to trap someone who they will meet a disaster. ZC0124denise

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The lion and the shepherd

Lion through the woods, stepping on a thorn. He ran to the front of the shepherd, affectionate to him wagging his tail, as if to say, please help me. Shepherd Zhuangzhao Dan, double-check something and found the thorn. Then, the lion's paw on his knee will be, will pull the thorn out, lifting the lion's pain. Lions return to the woods. Soon the shepherd framed by others, locked in his cell, was sentenced to lions to eat. Lions recognize the shepherd is to help his people, not only did not flutter in the past, but slowly approached him, her claws on the shepherd's lap. After the king heard of this matter, ordered the pardon of the shepherd.
It is said that whoever is good and do good reporting. ZC0121denise

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mosquitoes and the Lion

Mosquitoes fly only where there is a lion, said: "I am not afraid of you, and you do not than I have. You just how powerful? Is clawed, or with the teeth? Only this recipe, when a woman fighting with men will use. But I was far more capable than you. if you wish, we may come to a contest. "mosquito blowing horns, dash forward to, specially around the nose and do not bite the lion hair place. Angry lion claws scratched his own face, and finally requested a truce. Mosquitoes defeated the Lions, blowing horns, singing the song of victory, flying in the air, but, by the spider web stuck. When mosquitoes are eaten, laments: "I have defeated the most powerful animals, but was destroyed by this little spider."
The story is that, pride is no good end, although some people beat the powerful people than he will be beat by someone weaker than themselves. ZC0119denise

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dove and the Crow

A PIGEON be kept in a comfortable loft, he had everywhere brag about a lot of small birds.
Crow hear, said: "Hey, friend, do not be proud, and you were born the more the more you
worry about their lives."
The story is that, more than one child more than a heart operation.ZC0117denise

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shepherd and pups

Shepherd found a wolf, bring it home to feed. Wolf grew up, shepherd to teach it to someone's home near stole the sheep. Domesticated wolf said: "You stole me to develop a habit, it is best first of all ask you to guard their own sheep, do not lose. "
That is, instigating others to do evil suffer first of the self.ZC0114denise

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prometheus and Man

Follow the command of Zeus, Prometheus created humans and animals. Zeus saw the animals too much, they ordered him to destroy some to create more and more people. Prometheus, Zeus commands executed. Therefore, some people had not changed despite the animals do, only with a person's appearance, the heart still with the animals.
This story says the guy who brute.ZC0112denise

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a famous relative

Snail slug bragging: "cow is a distant cousin, it has been named the world's best nanny. Manatee is a distant cousin, it is only by the consumption of marine animals living plants, known as the Global the best environmental master. cattle is a distant cousin, which opened Buffalo meat multinational corporations, private enterprises have entered the world famous 500. Interest West cow is a distant cousin, it has a specific function, full drinking water , you can replace the water pump to replace the tractor plow. rhinos brought my distant uncle, it could be even more world-class luxury of the cow. "
"What about you?" Slugs asked, "Even if you are a cow, even if these cows are your relatives, you are listed, after all, their performance only ah. Excuse me, make you proud of the fact that the individual cited What is it? "
Snail Zhang mouth, could not answer a word. ZC0110denise

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This louis vuitton handbag wins countess favor due to its ultra functionality.

This louis vuitton handbag wins countess favor due to its ultra functionality.
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