Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a famous relative

Snail slug bragging: "cow is a distant cousin, it has been named the world's best nanny. Manatee is a distant cousin, it is only by the consumption of marine animals living plants, known as the Global the best environmental master. cattle is a distant cousin, which opened Buffalo meat multinational corporations, private enterprises have entered the world famous 500. Interest West cow is a distant cousin, it has a specific function, full drinking water , you can replace the water pump to replace the tractor plow. rhinos brought my distant uncle, it could be even more world-class luxury of the cow. "
"What about you?" Slugs asked, "Even if you are a cow, even if these cows are your relatives, you are listed, after all, their performance only ah. Excuse me, make you proud of the fact that the individual cited What is it? "
Snail Zhang mouth, could not answer a word. ZC0110denise

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