Thursday, December 30, 2010

Understanding of life: habits are the highest state of love

Love is in everyone's life to go through the process, the difference is that some people pay more, some people loved more. Some love lasts forever, and some love can only have. Colors of love in this, which is the highest state of love it? Let's take a look at a couple of dialogue.One day, a woman asked the man, "you say, What is the highest state of love?" The man thought and said: "is life and death. You think, ah, a person can die for another person, lay down life's most important is, is not the highest state of love you? "Woman nodded, then shook his head. She is also beginning to think so, because many of the most heroic when love and life and death will always be linked to those of the ancient love and both are life and death, in short, tragic are most welcome.However, those soul-stirring love has never appeared. More earthly love, but only the usual love and hate, sorrow and happiness."What do you say?" Asked the manWoman smiled, "is a habit, when you get used to the habit of a person in life, you really love him."Love is a man accustomed to the identity of another person, love to the highest state recognition of his habit. A woman accustomed to a man's snoring, not suited to the habits from his snoring and then not to sleep, this is love; a man accustomed to a woman's self-willed, spoiled, or even vexatious, much ado about nothing, this is love; a people to change to another, to accommodate, which is love. Sometimes the philosophy of love is so simple, bit of life in.If you still can not meet a person, to adapt to all his habits, it would only show that you do not love him, or that you have not reached the realm of love, for love in these details there. When you're used to all the habits of your spouse, such as his clothes smell of tobacco, such as his clean shirt, such as his middle of the night to watch football, if you are accustomed to, do not ask what love is such a stupid topic.Love sometimes is so simple and plain, like a cup of boiled water around us, within reach, drink, although tasteless, but it is a necessity. Baby Anne said: "not love him, but love has his day." Habit is the ultimate love of belonging, perhaps, is the highest state of love it.

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