Sunday, December 26, 2010

notes and trivia

Wallet is one of women’s necessaries. If you are looking for a stylish purse, I propose to draw attention to this wonderful “organizer” of bank cards, notes and trivia – from Louis Vuitton, just as chic as the purses, Louis Vuitton wallets are a must have to a woman.
The is spacious and functional, it can accommodate, and plastic, and cash. Brazza Wallet size 7.5″L x 3.9″W released from tissue Monogram,  Damier Graphite. In the purse has compartments for cards, notes, documents, tickets and receipts, and zippered pocket for small change.
They may look expensive but are a good investment when you think of the style and comfort and elegance they bring to your wardrobe. This is why people invest in these brands because eventually they are actually worth more than they probably cost. This wallet is useful and suitable to take many credit cards, if you have a necessary, this wallet is a best choice for you with a symbol of status. 2010.12.27denise

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