Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hermes Paris headquart

Dusil Meg Mahoney ersFor tonight we have a good snack that is taken so high in calories, can reduce the Tostitos salsa and the next day. For more information also can cause high levels of stress and therefore lead hightened blood pressure, sudden illness and uncontrollable sweating. You can also start as a dog can Pavolian on hood, and tears roll down her cheeks drooling for no apparent reason.
In fact, the reason is very clear, as the duo had a blog scholarship in the lion's den, fusion, bright and warm the heart of the Great Mother of all handbags - Hermes headquarters in Paris. almost paralyzed with fear, we were in front of the large window and tried literally 20 minutes of exclusive gifts carefully selected windows. jealous eyes scanned the business to overthrow one of these great looking very orange bags on the left, giving a clear indication of the financial wealth or the desire to be in debt. Finally, reality has set, and thought it was another company that was providing goods, and it was really nothing to fear. Another reality resolved fairly quickly once opened the heavy black door, we stepped in the aura of perfection and we patted smooth as a velvet glove.
Yes, perfection. The design of the shop, the incredible variety of objects, excellent price and quality, the general atmosphere of the store with three floors, all have added more weight to cut pine trees, and hook Mr. Universe in person. Absolutely stunning. Did we mention diversity? Watches, playing cards, towels, perfumes, jewelry, pen holders, bedside tables with sweaters Hermes seems to have it all. It was exactly the same but a handful of points are, regardless of seemingly insignificant, the price fell below € 3 characters. It makes no sense to talk about the upper limit, because it really does not seem to be. And the bags ... Sigh.
Strategically located at the main entrance, a wide selection of handbags, small clutches or large containers, we have presented a wonderful way. Our eyes passed over the windows, unaware that the bag are first, because everything looked so beautiful, so perfect. The lady in the green and then was one of our favorites (if one of our readers know your name, please let us know), and, fortunately, was presented to the outside world. We also have a snapshot of two bags per barrel, the level also looked delicious. At a price of more than 4,600 euros, the joy of bringing a notch though. We just spent almost an hour in the store, leaving a very sad heart, and motivation to work harder and earn more money to buy some sweets Hermes. Because after all, it would not be one of those people with the orange bag too often?

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